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Frateli Sarti            ( Glasgow Restaurants  -  City )       Glasgow Italian Restaurant

121 Bath St, Glasgow G2 2SZ
Tel No           0141 204 0440

We decided to try out Sarti's on Bath Street. Well actually my wife decided, I just went along and did as I was told.
It was a thursday night, and we had just finished our xmas shopping and my wife decided she wanted something nice instead of my cooking, (telling you, I could go far on Masterchef). We settled on Sartis, an italian restaurant specializing in home made italian dishes. Before entering you walk down the stairs from the outside into the small alcove beside the front door. There are a few tables that mould into the background here but there was no one sitting outside, presumably because of the rain. When you enter Sartis, to the right, there looks as though there's a small recess with about 4 tables, but actually goes straight through to the back. Upon entering, with the main counter to our left, we were met by a lady who was very pleasant and welcoming. She then proceeded to take us to our table which was situated through the back. She gave us a table in front of the Kitchen. At first I wasn't sure we had been given a good seated location but thinking back I'm so glad she seated us where she did.

This is a open plan kitchen where you can see everything happen right in front of you. As well as your own food being made right there and then you can also watch everyone else's food being made. It was really interesting watching the chefs in action, watching them looking at the order, working out the ingredients, then turning to the stoves for work. The way they work doesn't look that tense although busy as they all look very relaxed with each other and with the italian emotion, it gives the place a little more umph that most italian restaurants lack thus making it such an enjoyable atmosphere. In saying that, with the Italian emotion, id love to see a volatile moment, sure that would prove to be brilliant to watch. Anyway there was a lot of specials going on but we ended for some good ole Italian traditional's foods like Spaghetti meatballs for the kids, Chicken n Pepperoni Taglittelli and my wife went for the Mussels, which looked absolute amazing. Every dish looks as if your know your in for a treat. The portions were well sized, all though I didn't see much difference between the kids sized meatballs and the adults, The adults was still big but I think there could have been a couple of meatballs more just to give it the perfect portion. Anyway's, what can I say, I finished first again. I do not know why I'm writing this as I should be telling you about the look, quality, taste and texture of the food etc... but then what the hell, I wolfed it down, rubbed my belly and thought I really enjoyed that. All the food was excellent well cooked and couldn't really find any fault at all, (not that I was looking).

Anyway's after the kids finished their meal we asked for the bill as we were really wanting to make a sharp exit to get the kids home but the waiter asked the kids if they wanted ice cream, it was subtle done but we were not charged for the ice cream, which was real cool. The staff always look busy and far enough away but close enough just to keep tabs on your table and take away any empty plates, glasses etc.. The way it should be.

Verdict on Sartis Bath Street Restaurant
Taking a romantic date to Sartis is definitely worth a shot, although it can be quite a busy bustling little place. taking family with kids however is good but one main problem which I think they should try and address is that they do not have anything for the awkward kids, who don't go for the fancy Italian food unlike their parents, (hint to my kids), but who like the basics like fish n chips etc... you know the sort, the kids who go to an indian restaurant with their parents who always end up ordering them chips, fish and burgers..
Would I have the confidence to recommend this restaurant, yes I most certainly would and I'm sure I would get compliments back from our clients thanking us for the advice.


Mother India            ( Glasgow Restaurants  -  City )       Glasgow Indian Restaurant
51 West Regent Street, GlasgowG3 7RU
Tel No            0141 221 1663

We decided to try out Mother India on Westminster Terrace, which is beside Sauchiehall Street in the well known Charing cross area. It was a monday night and I suppose there's a credit crunch so we expected that they wouldn't be empty, but was surprised that there was a few people out enjoying a quiet meal. Upon entering we were welcomed by a young gentleman who then escorted us to our table which was on the corner of the restaurant looking out onto the street. The restaurant inside is very fresh and inviting, and by the looks of the decor you can see that the cleaners get stuck in to make sure the place is spick and span. The restaurant has 3 floors but we learned that the ground floor is the smallest and coziest, with its own bar and street view.Mother India Indian Restaurant Glasgow
After being seated, we were handed the menu's, including the special menu for the day, we then orders the drinks, coke!, yip I had a coke and my wife had a coffee.
looking at the menu I had already settled on what I wanted, (to be honest I had the notion all day and didn't want to disappoint myself). My wife, who normally takes an age to decide, this time she used the excuse that her eye sight was bad and couldn't see the text too well. Anyway's, eventually she ordered a Chicken Tikka Masala.

We also ordered a "plate selection dish of Pakora", which was Haggis, fish, chicken and mushroom. Upon ordering the starter and meals, the starter was then produced within about 15 minutes, which was great and to be honest we both tried each type and enjoyed it very much. The only problem, and it was quite irritating to say the least, was that the staff would come over and ask us if everything was ok with our starters. This happed about 5 times by different members of staff. My wife is not normally one to make a fuss but even she commented it to me that this was a bit over zealous. Anyway's after having finished and still enjoying the chat with my wife, yes after all these years, the staff member came over and took our empty plates and asked if we were ready for our main meals, which we were.

The main meals were produced within ten minutes and both did look delicious, I had rice with my dish and my wife just had the meal but as usual she took some of mine, (don't you just hate that). To go straight to the point we both finished off our meals and really enjoyed them. Both meals were cooked to perfection and the satisfaction that we were well fed was radiating from both of us.

To find out how helpful the staff was, as I asked for the bill, my wife butted in and asked if she could use her spry token, (This is a book we purchased for charity which supply's a discount on anything offered in the book from restaurants to shopping). It just happened that there was a token for "Mother India" supplying a buy one get an extra meal free. The staff member stated that he didn't think we would be able to use this as we should normally ask before ordering. I did say to them, that's no problem we will just pay for the full meal. But later the chap came back with the bill and stated that the token can be used.

Verdict on Mother India Westminster Terrace Restaurant

Good Points
Everything about this well known restaurant was great from the decor to the service and the food and even the time for the meals to arrive after ordering was ideal. Even the honesty of the service was great.

The portion of rice that was supplied could have been a little bit bigger, especially as the next table's rice bowl had more, (strange but trivial). The only part of the evening that didn't go well was during our starters the staff asking if we were enjoying our starters, (5 times in all), but I do think they might have realised this as we were only asked once if we were enjoying our main meal. When you think about it, this was the only downside we came across, which is actually very good.

Recommend or Not Recommend -
YES Recommended
Would I have the confidence to recommend this restaurant, yes I would. Regarding the price, well the normal price is a bit expensive for the size of meal we received but all in all we really enjoyed it and will go back in the future.


Celinos            ( Glasgow Restaurants  -  East End )       Glasgow Italian Restaurant

620624 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow, G31 3BT
Tel No            0141 554 0523

Well I picked my family up from School and work and don't know why were were all in the mood for something to eat, don't figure.
We went through all the options and decided on a little favourite of my wife's, It sin the east end of Celino's Restaurant Italian GlasgowGlasgow on Alexander's Parade just before Cumbernauld road. its Celino's which is a family owned Italian Delicatessen Cafe Bar Restaurant.

In the back the walls are surrounded by pictures of the family growing up in Italy and in Scotland, its great to see the progression and you always try and work out where each picture might be from

At that time, being quite quiet we were seated in the back next to the front of the window. We orders our drinks and looked through the ever increasing menu. We decided to order some starters, I had the soup of the day minestrone soup, my wife had a salmon dish. For the main meals I went for my favourite, Italian Meatballs, My wife went for a main mean of Chicken in breadcrumbs with cabana ra sauce both children had Pepperoni pizza and spaghetti bologna, Our side orders consisted of Garlic Bread and stuff mushrooms. Both my wife and I finished our starters and both were truly enjoyed. Then after a pause our main meals cam out and to be honest I had noticed the serving plates etc... had changed and when my meal came out I was thinking that it was rather small and I pointed it out to my wife. But it was a concern that i should not had even concerned myself with. I was struggling to finish the whole plate and enjoyed it all. My wife never even finished her chicken but that was to do with her being full as well. and what can I say about the kids. Both finished their meals. The price was very honest and we gave a good tip to the staff.

On entering and leaving you have to walk through their own little shop of Italian foods. What I will say that upon leaving you will stop and nosy about and there is always something that will catch your attention and if you leave without buying it, i bet you regret it later

Verdict on Celino's Italian Restaurant

Good Points
Everything about this well known restaurant was great from the decor to the service and the food and even the time for the meals to arrive after ordering was ideal. This little family run restaurant was great from welcoming smiles to the "no problem" attitude to changing the meals. Each of our meals if there was a change like more meatballs included, take out any mushrooms in a main meal it was all done to our specifications.

As said before the proportions did look a bit small from last time but not sure if it wa sin my mind or they actually were smaller but we didn't struggle to finish which is actually a good point. If we really find a bad point we will let you know.

Recommend or Not Recommend -
YES Recommended
Would I have the confidence to recommend this restaurant, yes I would. Regarding the price, well the normal price is a bit expensive for the size of meal we received but all in all we really enjoyed it and will go back in the future.

Paperinos @ 78 St Vincent Street            ( Glasgow Restaurants  -  City )       Italian
78 St Vincent Street, Glasgow  G2 5UB
Tel No                +44 (0) 141 248 7878
Another Glasgow Restaurant that has changed hands. IN the past it used to be "78 St Vincent Street" restaurant used to be a traditional Scottish restaurant now it has changed hands to Paperinos who operate another 2 restaurants in Glasgow.

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