Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Scottish Architect, was born into a family of eleven children in the Townhead area of Glasgow or as we say here ‘Toonheed’. Charles Rennie Mackintosh celebrated work only reached worldwide status after his death. Little did People know what this genius ideas and designs had actually done for Glasgow and it Architectural presence & future. Charles Rennie Mackintosh HillhouseYou can enjoy Charles Rennie Mackintosh experience with the Mackintosh instyle weekends with the Argyll hotel & CRM Society in Glasgow

Did you know that Charles Rennie Mackintosh has 11 celebrated main architectural sites in Glasgow? with the addition of commissioned work which is not open to the public. The first is of a main door and entrance hallway in one of the main squares of Glasgow – Blythswood Square. It was inserted in 1909 about 10 years after Blythswood Square was completed. If you go to the square, take a look at all the main doorways, I’m sure if you know your Charles Rennie Mackintosh work then you should be able to recognise the door and entrance. If not drop me a line and I’ll tell you!

More of his commissions can be found in Glasgow. Another example, Craigie HouseCharles Rennie Mackintosh – Glasgow School of Art (1872) is a private residence, currently office space at 6 Rowan Road, Bellahouston Park. This area is know as Dumbreck. In 1892 The Glasgow Firm, “Honeyman and Keppie”, entrusted their young architect, John Keppie with a series of alterations to the entrance and library but it is believed judging by the wood carvings it is seen as Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work, at this time he was the architects assistant!

An original mural by Charles Rennie Mackintosh can also be found inside the premises at 91 Buchanan Street, which was the Clydesdale Bank (1896) and the building was originally designed as a Tearoom.

One of his main designs can be found out in Kilmalcolm, Inverclyde, at the junction with Renfrewshire. This is a private house which goes by the name of Windyhill (1900 – 01). It is reputed to be Charles first opportunity to design both interior and exterior of a complete building. Charles Rennie Mackintosh (CRM) had been designing furniture for the Davidson Family for a few years and eventually, commission by William Davidson JR, Charles Rennie Mackintosh relished his chance with Windyhill.

Cloch House by Charles Rennie MackintoshI recently stumbled, and I mean stumbled, on a house which is reputed to be one of Charles Rennie mackintosh’s worst designs. No chance, as soon as I saw the building I knew it was his work and I personally think it looks amazing and with the owners permission I was able to walk about the House and take photos to share with you.
I have since found out that the house was commission in 1906 and was previously owned by Eric Yarrow of Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd The new owners took over Cloch House in 2003.

Other Charles Rennie Mackintosh works are The Glasgow School of Art, The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society head office – Queen Cross Church, Willow Tea Rooms, House for An Art Lover.