This guide will show you how this UK Travel Company have dealt with customers ticket problems caused by Broadways own admin


This is really a word of warning when you research Broadway Travel, you will find a lot of forums about this company but on nearly every forum there is tons of bad writups about this company. So this is being honest, if you choose Broadway Travel then you really only have yourself to blame as the warning signs can be found on many websites. This page is not an advert or do we get paid to list the page, it is our honest opinon of the webmaster who used this company and to this date he still wishes his family had not touched them, that is how bad the effect was.

The details listed below is from the webmaster's experience of using this company

Broadway Travel and their customer care - This is an actual situation that an experienced travel guide suffered

MY wife booked a holiday with her children to get over the loss of her mother. She had been looking on the internet and found a holiday through a company called Broadway Travel

My wife decided to book her holiday with Broadway Travel. They have a booking system which works in a way that the company book the holiday using their own admin, This makes them liable if any problems arise. At the time of booking a holiday for my wife, Broadway were having problems with the system so the girl asked Mrs Quinn to log into the system using Broadway's own admin details. (This was not the normal but Broadway did not want to lose the business). My wife did exactly as she was told. Then before she could print out the details the system crashed.

My wife tried to phone the day before her holiday but could not get through.
Then on the day of departure my wife phoned broadway and asked for the boarding passes. The girl kindly said she would arrange this straight away and send it by email. The email came through within minutes. So my wife set off with her children. We got to the "Airport check in" to be only informed that the passes were only for inward, meaning she did not have the tickets to fly out. We contacted broadway by phone, using the airline internal phone, and said they would send the passes by Fax. As I am the person who deals with 70% of diverted flights at Glasgow Airport it is quite easy to arrange the fax to come through to any terminal I see fit. We waited 20 minutes and no fax came through. We contacted Broadway again by phone after being put on hold for 10 minutes and Spoke to a girl who said she knew about it and would arrange the fax again.

10 minutes later Broadway phoned and told us they could not send it and that we have to pay for the boarding passes. They also said they were not responsible for the boarding passes. Which isn't true, as they're are the Agent who booked the tickets direct. This means that they are responsible for the booking.

Broadway were not able to supply any more help or information and then left us to our own devises and which point my wife was left in absolute tears.

From my experience in the Travel industry the company at that time do not care about customer care.
Thet even stated that this is the first time this has ever happened to them, (but looking online, details below, we have found plenty of other people who have had problems with them.

This guide will also supply the dates and times of the incidents/ phone calls with proof so that broadway do not have any reason to escape this.

What do we require Broadway Travel to Do. Well to be honest Absolute nothing, we can easily afford it. We just want bad companies like this to be know throughout the UK of which we defintely will as this site alone has 3000 to 6000 page views per day and will be advertised on this site and on our other main tourism sites which in total work out about under 10,000 page view per day at height of season.

Our advise.
From the writers experience do not use this company. They will leave you high and dry when it is their fault.

Check out the websites below:

(on this site there has been 114 comments and 80% of comments are horrendeous about this company)

This is really a word of warning when you research Broadway Travel, you will find a lot of forums about this company but on nearly every forum there is tons of bad writups about this company. So this is being honest if you choose Broadway Travel you only really have yourself to blame.

Since this page's inception it has had 5,953 page views up until 2nd of July 2013 so we know many people are choosing to look elsewhere rather than choose Broadway Travel.

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