Give them a tip


This is one of the first things which will allow you to understand that you can tip your driver. The drivers are not sure about the things which is appropriate to behave, but you can be assured to tip the driver. You can also make sure that you are tipping according to the behaviour of the driver, which will encourage him to do better.

Tip at least 10% or not at all

If you decide that you want to tip the taxi services and want to leave a tip, you need to make sure that you are tipping at least 10%. Anything less is something which can be offensive. Try to make sure that you are living a full dollar rather than 50 cent tip, which can also be a hassle.

Tip more for unloading your luggage

If the taxi cab driver is being helpful and helping you pick up the luggage and also unload when you reach your destination is being friendly. It is important that you consider tipping them up to 20%, which can work for any ride.

Do not ask for change

One of the easiest ways to tip them is by making sure that they are going on their way. Try to make sure that you are giving them the money and not asking for a change if the change is around $1. This can be embarrassing, and also, most taxi drivers do not carry change and will not be able to break your dollar.

Know the size of the tip

size of the tip

Your tip needs to reflect the ride quality as there are many places which involve tipping culture. It is important that as a customer, you know the gauge ride and tip accordingly. Try to make sure that you are tipping the right percentage for the poor. Tipping is a form of rewarding behaviour which will allow them to behave well in the future. Make sure that you are tipping them around 20%, especially when they are helping you with your luggage.

Pay attention to the route

Taxi driver takes up the quickest possible route which can allow you to take the right steps towards the traffic. Try to make sure that you are looking to the route one is taking and their extensive knowledge about the area which will help you reach your destination faster.