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These frequently asked questions and answers are here to give you some insight as to how Taxis operate at Glasgow International Airport.  If there is anything that you are unsure of, please do not hesitate to get in touch by using the form at the bottom of this page..

Which area is Glasgow International Airport located ?

Glasgow International airport is 4 miles west from Glasgow and 9 miles from
the City Centre.  It falls under the control of Renfrewshire Council.

I was told that only certain taxis can pick up at the Airport.  Is this true ?

Yes and No !  With the exception of pre-booked hires, only official Airport Taxis
are allowed to pick up at Glasgow Airport.  Once any Taxi, licensed from outside
the jurisdiction of Renfrewshire Council, drops off a passenger at Glasgow Airport.
He must head back to his own designated area straight away, without putting his
'for hire' light on.

What happens if I have a taxi firm booked to pick me up at Glasgow Airport and
I find that the taxi is not there ?

NO other Taxi service is allowed to pick up at the front terminal.  All other transport/taxi services
have been informed that they must park their vehicle inside the Airport car park and then arrange
to meet their customer. .

Sometimes when I come out to the front terminal, I can see Taxis with their 'For Hire' light
on.  They don't look like the Official white Airport Taxis, can I just hire one of these Taxis ?

There are no longer able to pick anyone up at the front terminal.     B.A.A. Glasgow Airport
have arrange that the front terminal is for pick up only from official Airport taxis and buses.
No other vehicle is allowed to meet you and pick you up at the front terminal.
Any of the other Taxis with their 'For Hire' light on in the Airport Grounds are illegally plying
for hire.  It is basically up to the Police to enforce this law and if the Taxi driver doesn't
comply, they will have the Badge suspended.  If any Airport Taxi driver spots this he will
take the offending Taxi's details and report them to the Police, Airport Staff and Local
licensing authority.


Please note that illegal Taxi touts may seek to offer their services. This is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE, and for your own protection, Passengers are strongly advised not to accept their services and to alert Police or Airport staff.

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