Glasgow Airport Millennium Taxis
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This is your enquiry / booking guide with Glasgow Airport Millennium Taxis.   When you complete it double check to make sure all information is correct. Once we receive your request we will then reply to you by e-mail or phone call will price and availability. All we then require is for you to confirm booking.    We do take payment by credit card, but not over the internet,   just in case you have to change or cancel your trip then no money has exchanged.    If for any reason you have to cancel your trip would you please inform us at your earliest convenient moment. Included with your E-mail MAY be a Reference No,  keep it handy.

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If you need to arrange a Taxi hire quickly within 24 hours, please phone 01236 454225
or our Immediate contact No 07703 262 470 and we will arrange the nearest Taxi to you.

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